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More equality, more humanity, more hope, more trust, more acceptance, more love and most importantly a better world for everyone to enjoy!

Household helpers are a part of society and they deserve their voices to be heard as it can contribute to better decisions. Our group aims to broaden their horizons, build public speaking skills, understand issues through different perspectives among domestic helpers. So that they can fully express themselves without any doubts leading to a better society.


There are about 400,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong


They don't have equal rights as a Hong Kong citizen, even when they are improving the city with their efforts


The minimum wage of a foreign domestic helper remains at HK$4, 630 on a monthly basis with food allowance

Our Project

Through research and collaboration with professionals in this field like EmpowerU project (HKU) and other domestic helper leaders, we will gain insights to provide the best workshops. We will offer a variety of activities like workshops, debates, games and maybe even sightseeing. All this will help broaden the domestic helper's horizons and look through different points of view. Ultimately, this leads to them effectively contributing to society to become a better place.

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Get involved:

If interested in making Hong Kong a better place, please contact us via email at Make someone's life brighter and the society better:)


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