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Well-being through Dance

Spread love through dance

During the past 3 years, the pandemic has negatively impacted the world. Due to social distancing and travel restrictions, the world is polarized and people are disconnected.

As students, we feel the troubled atmosphere in the community and among others in society. We have so much energy and creativity that we cannot use since we are restricted from in-person learning. Meeting friends and developing our social skills have become rare opportunities. The pandemic has limited people’s chances of exercising and maintaining good physical health.

According to the results of a review published in JAMA Pediatrics 2021, children’s depression and anxiety rates have doubled since the start of the pandemic. The researchers who looked at general-population studies found depression and anxiety rates at around 25.2% and 20.5%. Therefore, it is emergent and essential to help the students to have good mental health.


The pandemic has caused disconnection between relationships.


Depression and anxiety rates have increased, showing how the pandemic has negatively impacted both the population's physical and mental health.


Physical exercise has considerably been less of a frequent activity due to the habits that our population has picked up over the past few years.

Our Project:

We want to promote healthy mental well-being and encourage students to do more physical exercise. Our plan to accomplish this goal is to create a dance programme that would give the children opportunities to interact with their peers while working together and doing physical exercises.

Dance Class

Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Our Message:

This programme is a lovely way to connect with our young generation through dancing. Join us if you have a passion for dancing and bonding with children!

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