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The Tulip Initiative

It starts with awareness!

Raising awareness on unconscious bias


We all have unconscious biases.


Bias comes in many forms and affects all aspects of life.


We can all actively take action to reduce unconscious bias.

Our Project:

The Tulip Initiative is a youth organisation that provides unconscious bias training sessions to students. We wish to hold a public workshop with students in secondary schools. The objective of the workshop is for students to be more aware, and conscious of discriminatory situations, and for them to learn some techniques to help identify these situations. Everyone has biases - but we want the students to be the ones who are aware of their biases and to take the initiative to actively combat bias.

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Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Our Message:

Why do we associate with people that are similar to us? Why do we sometimes jump to a conclusion about a certain person in a matter of minutes?

Through this workshop, you would learn about unconscious bias, spot unconscious bias in some common scenarios, and learn strategies to reduce unconscious bias in our daily lives, with interactive games and activities as well as a short presentation.

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