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STEM with us!

We hope to bring English-Based STEM education to underprivileged youths around Hong Kong and address the issue of poverty and the lack of quality educational opportunities for these students.


Over 1 million people in Kong Kong are living under poverty.


Over 40% of students from low-income families have absolutely no understanding of STEM, with the other 60% stated they only have a partial understanding of some subjects.


Almost 70% of youths from low-income households state that they have never taken any STEM-related courses due to financial constraints and over 20% of students don’t have the access to computers at home.

Our Project:

STEMcademt aims to provide free STEM workshops to underprivileged children aged 8-12 in Hong Kong. We aim to work with different student organizations and NGOs to achieve this. We have completed the lesson plans for various STEM topics, such as Architecture, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Biology, and will be able to host our first session in February 24th with the NGO Changing Young Lives Foundation. After our first session, we hope to recruit more volunteers to lead the sessions and even design their own STEM lessons.

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Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Get Involved:

Please follow and message us on Instagram @stemcademyhk or fill in the form here. 

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