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Raising awareness for environmental issues through STEM

We want to raise awareness for various environmental issues and further promote STEM to students.


The main issues we are addressing in STEM4youth are primarily environmental issues, as well as accessible STEM education. The 3 biggest environmental issues in Hong Kong currently are air pollution, landfill waste, and plastic pollution.


Every year, about 4.17 million tonnes of solid waste make its way to Hong Kong's landfills, and ever since COVID, this number has only grown larger. But a lot of Hong Kongers remain either ignorant or unbothered about these problems.


By educating younger students via interactive workshops and other activities, we can raise awareness on local environmental issues.

Our Project:

We are planning to host engagement, fun workshops and activities for students. We will also record podcasts in which we discuss environmental issues.

Germinated Plant

Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Get Involved:

Those who are interested in supporting our project can reach out to us via our Instagram account and join our workshops or they can check out/promote our resources.

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