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STEMpact is a youth-led organisation that hopes to bridge the inequality barriers in STEM fields by promoting equal opportunity for all to inspire and create.

With 10+ departments and a community of 70+ students, we host large-scaled STEM competitions, social service activities and interest programs to encourage marginalised communities to challenge the status quo and push for a greater, systemic impact.

In order to progress as an innovative society, everyone deserves equal opportunity and input to create and achieve our SDG goals. Together at STEMpact, we work to bridge inequality gaps in STEM sectors and provide equal opportunity for all to create for the future. As an organisation, we believe that cultivating students' passion in their pursuit for STEM knowledge and encouraging parties to break the status quo is key to increase representation of marginalised communities in these fields. Through hosting a series of STEM competitions, social service activities and interest programs, we are able to initiate a larger, systemic impact.


Hong Kong lacks the creative space where marginalised communities who suffer under socioeconomic, gender and social inequalities are able to convert their ideas from paper to reality.


Hong Kong’s academic environment still places heavy importance in cramming textbook knowledge, but aspects such as introducing technology, design thinking and entrepreneurship skills to the youth are still far behind.


Hong Kong's untapped potential does not translate into the high-tech industry as not enough students, especially girls, are confident in the sector.

Our Project:

What we've done so far:
1. Data Science Bootcamp
Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields, but women make up a mere 20.4% of jobs in this industry. We at STEMpact want to change that!

Alongside Preface Coding, we’ve curated a 4-day boot camp to teach you the basics of Data Science using Python. Participants learnt about data visualization, cleaning, and machine learning, from professionals in the tech industry, leaving them with a sense of empowerment and a deeper understanding of this topic.

2. Research Department
Our research department have been working hard exploring, researching and generating articles surrounding topics of their interest in STEM industries. With many ongoing developments in the ever-expanding field, many students wanted to share their passion and knowledge to other students so that they could be well-educated about new interesting facts as well.

3. Community Outreach
Our STEMpact community consists of ~80 passionate STEM students who continually involve themselves with internal STEM activites in our organisation. Many, including those having beginner to advanced backgrounds of STEM, have repetitively become volunteers and participants in our courses and programs. We have also compiled and promoted exclusive STEM research and internship opportunities to our members so that they can expand their passion towards STEM outside of a normal school curriculum.

What we are planning to do:
1. STEM friendly competition for underprivileged children (April-June)
In the upcoming months, we will be collaborating with various charities to host a series of friendly STEM Competition Days for underprivileged children and children in paediatric units. This is a fun activity day where children can learn technological, design thinking and entrepreneurial skills through a series of workshops.

2. STEM friendly competition for children cancer survivors (collaboration with Children Cancer Foundation Hong Kong) (August)

We will be collaborating with Children's Cancer Foundation in August to host a similar event for children to work on their teamwork and STEM skills.

3. Potential Proposal for our own Personal Tech Project.  Using our seed funding, the Executive Committee members have proposed to create their own innovative tech-solution in hopes of making a greater, more tangible impact to a global issue. We are still in the initial stages of proposing what this personal tech project would be like, conducting primary research of the stakeholders that are affected by the issue at hand, and researching on how we can incorporate virtual reality and programming in our product.

Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Get Involved:

Thank you for being interested in our project! We are extremely grateful for your support and every little bit counts in making a greater impact and difference. Stay tuned on our social media pages as we recruit more volunteers to help out at our upcoming social service events (including the friendly STEM competitions!). If you would like to contribute your research or be a member of one of our departments, we will also be opening recruitment very soon and you can always email us at or on Instagram.

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