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Skills 4 Life

Empower through education

Disadvantaged children are behind and lacking in the opportunities for them to thrive and achieve their best. We hope that through our “Skills 4 life” programme, they will be able to obtain skill sets that will last for years to come and better support their future paths.

Our goal is to make sure that we are able to empower the kids through the resources we’ve been so ever privileged to receive. We hope that through our programme, the kids will be ready to face any lemons life gives them and be ready for anything that may come their way with a cup of refreshing lemonade in their hands. A lot of the skills that we teach may seem basic to a few, but that is why they’re important. Without these basic skills, how would the kids continue to grow and thrive in life?


1 in 4 kids live in poverty here in Hong Kong.


Only 25.7% have high level of life skills.


The poverty line for a 5-person household is HK$20,000.

Our Project:

We will be launching a one-month long program where kids will be taught different life skills each week. Each week we will cover different skills, ranging from activities that’ll be super handy in the real world: financial management skills, to skills that they can use the second after the session: Study skills. These sessions will be lead by experienced professionals to accomplished students that are willing to share their knowledge and insights through our platform!

At the end of each session the kids will be leaving the class with skills that they can use for life.

Financial workshop:
Learn how to manage their money, spend their expenses, manage between personal want costs and needs.

First aid workshop:

  • Learn how to do CPR, save ones life in case of an emergency.

  • Know how to preform important life saving skills.

  • Get to know the names of the stuff inside the first aid kit.

Presentation skill:
Learn how to present confidently and talk clearly when talking in class or pitching ideas in the future.

Study skill:

  • Learn ways to study effectively.

  • Be able to balance a work and life schedule.

  • Learn how to enjoy the process of studying and study smarter not harder.

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Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Get Involved:

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for more details and updates on @thedrivenmission.

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