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Let it Go

Time to see what we can do, forget the limits and break through

Our aim is to help students and young adult find healthy ways to deal and express their emotions.We also hope to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.


People are scared of seeking help for their mental health due to the stigma that surrounds it.


Teenagers are the most vulnerable to using harmful ways to deal with their feelings.


Hobbies i.e drawing, running or journaling can help people deal with their feelings.

Our Project:

Firstly, we plan to hold talks related to mental health for the students
Secondly, we hope to organise workshops in which they can discover different hobbies they find relaxing
Thirdy, we hope to hold a exhibition to display the artworks made in the workshops

Mother and Daughter Love

Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Get Involved:

If you are interested in volunteering or supporting us, you can email us at

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