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Dream Green, Live Green!

Mental health of the teenagers, Environment protection (Paper carton recycling), Care for the unprivileged


There is 48.6% of teenagers rate their pressure index as "high".


Over 50% of them are thinking of or ever thought of committing suicide.


So many elderly or retired people still need to collect and sell paper cartons to sustain their lives.

Our Project:

There are two parts of the project to be carried out at the same time and same place, aiming to strengthen the lasting effect.
1. "Doctor Pet in the Campus": We will try to cooperate other NGOs to invite Therapy Pets to our campus, there are two possible NGOs that we want to reach out, namely HKUST Comfort Paws Program and Doctor Pet. We aim to relieve students' pressure and teach them to love the pets.
2. "Paper Carton Pet Design Workshop cum Competition": We will set up booths in the campus and teach students to make their own "Paper Carton Pet" using recycled paper carton bought from the unprevileged elderly people(higher than the marketing price), and other green materials. We aim to create an immersive environment for the students' to unleash their creativity to create their companion pets, make friends with their school mates, and relieve their souls. After that, we can also arrange an intra-school competition and appraise those with most green idea, most creative design, etc.

Holding Plant

Get Involved:

Contact us with by the following email address or dm us on instagram

Our Message:

To Doctor Pet (NGOs):

Visit our school with the therapy dogs and do a co-branding with our school

To SEKSSWK students:

Mingle with the therapy dogs, Make their own paper carton pets

To Elderly people who collect paper carton:

Sell the carton to us at a price than recycling company's offers.


To Potential primary schools and secondary schools:

If the project is proven to be successful, we can extend it to other school and teach them how to make the paper carton dogs.

Visit our instagram here!

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