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Coffee, Tea, or Screen?

An app that helps us put away technology and brings our friends and families together when we're gathering.

We are addicted to our smartphone, ipads and other gadgets that lessens the interactions and bonds between our close ones. We aim to remind them that relationships between loved ones are certainly more important than what electronic screens have to offer.


We are obsessed with our electronic gadgets such as phones and ipads.


Technology makes us absorbed into the world of endless scrolling and tapping on our screens-we forget and neglect events around us.


We are connected through the network of social media, but the real, intimate relationships through conversations, physical interactions and realness are left behind.

Our Project:

We will create an app that functions as a reminder in the form of a timer, that we can stop sticking our faces to devices and focus on the people in front of us. The timer can measure how much time we have been focusing and enjoying ourselves with our closed ones and give reports on how much we have improved by accumulating each time we used the timer.

Quiet Desk

Our Message:

We hope that we can convey what our project aims for, which promotes better relationship between friends and families to them. They can further realize the problem of how technology furthers us apart and can reduce this by trying to use our app to experience what we are trying to develop.

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