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YE Teams

The YE teams are part of the Kids4Kids Youth Development Program under the Young Entrepreneurs initiative. These teams have been selected for Young Entrepreneurs 2022-2023 based on criteria including innovation, creativity, sustainability and whether the solutions answer the needs of the community.  Feel free to click on the 'Learn More' button to find out how you can help out with the projects. 


Meet the Teams


Quiet Desk

Coffee, Tea, or Screen?


An app that helps us put away technology and brings our friends and families together when we're gathering.

Sorry Board Game

Toy Library

Poverty & Education

Our main target group are families who, live in small flats, families with limited
financial means, parents with young, children. Often families who live in small flats filled with their necessary personal items, furniture, and their children's toys. This makes their flats really cramped and uncomfortable. Problems such as respiratory issues and poor hygiene are very common as well.

Career Cards

Older & Wiser


The social issue we target is poverty. We hope to change the unemployment problem of middle-aged people through the plan.

Holding Plant


Wellbeing & Environment

Mental health of the teenagers, Environment protection (Paper carton recycling), Care for the unprivileged

Teacher Helping Student

The Groundbreakers


The Groundbreakers focuses on teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students studying local schools as there are about 40% English medium schools in Hong Kong only. Therefore, not all NCS students get the chance to study in English Medium (EMI) schools. Also, students don't receive much support from their schools. As Chinese is the common language in Hong Kong, at least basic Chinese must be known to communicate with the locals. We will try convincing NGOs and start contacting parents whose children are suffering from this problem.

Image by Clay Banks


Poverty & Education

We hope to bring English-Based STEM education to underprivileged youths around Hong Kong and address the issue of poverty and the lack of quality educational opportunities for these students.

Image by Lina Trochez



We want to raise awareness for various environmental issues and further promote STEM to students.

Happy Teens

Bper”s (Body positivity)


We plan to spread the awareness that you are beautiful just the way you are.



Reduce Inequality

We are Stay-tionery4Equity, together, we could create equal opportunities!

Image by Google DeepMind

The Tulip Initiative

Reduce Inequality

Raising awareness on unconscious bias.

Meditation Hand Gesture

Let it Go


Our aim is to help students and young adult find healthy ways to deal and express their emotions.We also hope to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.


Beyond Inequality

Poverty & Education

Beyond Inequality's mission is to tackle socioeconomic disparities by bridging educational gaps, placing an emphasis on providing accessible educational resources to under-resourced children in Hong Kong. This will address the issue of literacy gaps and educational inequality.

Dance Class

Well-being through Dance


Spread love through dance.

Running in Park

DMDA Mental Health


Rest a while, run a mile, always smile,
healthy style.

Image by Tim Mossholder

For Your Mindset


Spread Positivity, everywhere, anytime. You’re not alone and you have us.

Image by Jeswin Thomas


Reduce Inequality

STEMpact is a youth-led organisation that hopes to bridge the inequality barriers in STEM fields by promoting equal opportunity for all to inspire and create.

With 10+ departments and a community of 70+ students, we host large-scaled STEM competitions, social service activities and interest programs to encourage marginalised communities to challenge the status quo and push for a greater, systemic impact.

person using MacBook Pro_edited.jpg



It is a common phenomenon that older adults and elderlies experience a decline in social interaction with their friends and family members, contributing to loneliness and subsequent physical and mental health issues. We are aiming to adopt social media and technologies to forge more connections of these elder demographics with like minded peers, in one simple and engaging platform or ecosystem, known as Eldernet.

Filming at Dusk

LTR Youthaweare

Poverty & Education

We hope to provide more ECA opportunities for young individuals in society regardless of their family background and wealth. Hence, our project allows underprivileged kids to have a brand new experience of filming and editing, hoping to broaden their horizons and ultimately ignite their interests to video production.

Healthy Food



We want to address the issue of domestic workers not looking after their physical health. We want to help them stay on top of this and help them convert to healthier lifestyles.

Key Speaker

Youth Life Designers Summit 2023


The first ever “Youth Life Designers Summit 2023”: we envision a mega hybrid event with over 100 youth Life Designers together with the general public. Our target audience includes teenagers from the age of 12 to 20 who are curious about their life options. We want to help more teenagers find out what they want to be in the future, so they can create a bigger impact earlier and contribute more to the society.

Security Camera

Skills 4 Life

Poverty & Education

We hope that through our programme, the kids will be ready to face any lemons life gives them and be ready for anything that may come their way with a cup of refreshing lemonade in their hands. A lot of the skills that we teach may seem basic to a few, but that is why they are important. Without these basic skills, how would the kids continue to grow and thrive in life?

Touch Screen



We aim to teach the Elderly on how to use their smart phones.

Image by Element5 Digital

Feeling and Healing


Our aim is to inform students in Hong Kong the importance of mental health.

Program Sponsors

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