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YE Teams

The YE teams are part of the Kids4Kids Youth Development Program under the Young Entrepreneurs initiative. These teams have been selected for Young Entrepreneurs 2021-2022 based on criteria including innovation, creativity, sustainability and whether the solutions answer the needs of the community.  Feel free to click on the 'Learn More' button to find out how you can help out with the projects. 


Meet the Teams



「潛」”joy” 的你

Poverty & Education

Help more young people who are restricted or neglected by society, discover their potential and plan their future in advance.

Sorry Board Game

Bored Games with Bored Kids

Poverty & Education

The issue we are addressing is a global one. It is a renowned global fact. Kids around the world don't like learning because it seems boring, and if they are forced to learn, it takes a big toll on their mental health and wellbeing. Therefore we are trying to teach underprivileged kids English, while making it fun, so we might be able to change how to view education.

Image by Keila Hötzel


Poverty & Education

Access to quality education in Hong Kong.

Writing with Pen


Poverty & Education

Our aim to provide under-privileged children opportunities to access extra-curricular activities (such as STEM) as well as allowing volunteers to develop different skills (e.g communication, leadership, teamwork, organisation). 

Key Speaker


Reduce Inequality

Impact² aims to provide a convenient method for changemakers to bring impact to their community. This platform brings together a variety of activities in one place, making it easy for changemakers to become engaged with just one click. 

Security Camera

Lights! Camera! SDG Action!

Reduce Inequality

Through our project, we aim to address the lack of SDG education and awareness among youth in Hong Kong through a docuseries. 

Image by Hannah Busing

Our Eczema Project


We aim to bring awareness to eczema and its effects on the mental health of younger eczema sufferers. Our mission is to help create a much-needed community of eczema sufferers who can provide support and advice to each other along their own skin journey.

Image by Element5 Digital

Project co|LAB


We found out that underprivileged children in Hong Kong do not have enough support from their families in their studies, and they may have a lack of confidence because their language skills are behind the curve. We will help build their language skills and build their confidence towards learning by writing short stories with them, and combine all the short stories into a book to share with others.

Image by Annie Spratt


Reduce Inequality

Through a two-part course, we aim to aid ethnic minority students develop a better grasp of conversations in Cantonese, an understanding of Hong Kong culture and a sense of belonging. 

Image by Markus Winkler

Uncover to find your best self

Reduce Inequalit

Help debunk the taboo around “gendered clothing” and bring equality to all genders.

Fish in Aquarium

Aqua Green


The business hopes to allow consumers of all ages to learn about and contribute to ocean conservation by adopting and personalising corals. 

Wood Toothbrushes

Brush Better, Planet Saver


My aim is to create a prototype of a toothbrush that can include toothpaste in it. I think toothpaste packaging is not necessary at all, but a lot of plastic waste has been created because of the present design of toothbrushes. I would like to make a change on that.

Organic Vegetables



Have you ever considered how the things you buy affect the environment? In mainstream shopping, so many of our actions have an impact on the world around us.




To bring awareness to sustainability and each individual’s role in promoting it, as well as to reward sustainable businesses whilst incentivizing others to increase the greenness of restaurants.

Learning to use smartphone

Inquisitive Minds

Poverty & Education

The mission of inquisitive minds is to bridge the education gap by making online learning especially accessible to children in Hong Kong.

Image by Clay Banks

Me aND You


My project aims to raise awareness for the neurodivergent group in Hong Kong so that they can be accepted and tolerated by the neurotypicals, and that misunderstandings and misconceptions about the group can be eliminated.

Image by Lina Trochez

Our Voice, and Yours?


We aim to raise people's awareness in mental wellbeing. Through setting up the memo walls in classrooms, we hope to encourage all of us to be honest to our feelings as well as emotions. We are all allowed to express our inner voices.

Image by Jennifer Burk

Promoting Body +ity

Reduce Inequality

Through various ways, (eg. social media and website, e-magazines, support groups and more) our group aims to promote body positivity in Hong Kong. 

Image by Emmanuel Acua

The Little Sandcastle


Our aim is to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfills + sea. Therefore, the issue we will be addressing is the lack of global awareness surrounding correct recycling protocols and ways to reuse unwanted items.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Reduce Inequality

Our aim is to bridge the gap between locals and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and hopefully have a future in which all the people who believe in Hong Kong as their are referred to as Hong Kongers. 

Desk and Chair

Birthplace of Dream

Poverty & Education

My aim is to help students develop their interests and let them know more about their future paths. Let them know what difficulties they may meet in the future. 

Potter Making Bowl

C for Clay, C for Care


Relieve stress by providing therapeutic handicraft workshops. 

Patterned Fabrics

Fast Fashion


Spread more awareness of fast fashion among teens. Address the environmental and ethical issues created by fast fashion.

Colorful Books


Reduce Inequality

Identifying the various socioeconomic factors that contribute to the large financial disparity between Hong Kong’s wealthy and poor.

Tennis Racket and Ball

Let's Get Physical

Poverty & Education

Our project aims to improve the level of physical fitness among Hong Kong’s youngsters, especially under-resourced children. It offers them the opportunity to stay healthy and fit in a fun and educational way. 

Image by Joel Vodell

Ocean Youth Eco International Film Festival


With the Film Festival, we aim to raise awareness about the need to protect the ocean. Through storytelling, we aim to create empathy and films have proven to have a great effect on young people. After watching the films, young people will be more motivated to take action to protect the ocean.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Pave the way for gender empathy

Reduce Inequality

This project aims to cater for the needs of females during their menstruation cycles when in school and raise awareness of the puberty problems both males and females face. 



Reduce Inequality

Promote LGBTQ+ acceptance among local HK students, as we observe a lack of discourse surrounding the topic among local schools in particular.

Image by Hybrid

Think Positively Live Joyfully


Our target is to improve the mental health among our schoolmates then give them solutions to feel better and realise that negative thoughts are normal.

Image by Vishnu R Nair

Will you drama with me

Reduce Inequality

We plan to raise awareness towards underprivileged children, ethnic minority children in particular, and connect them with us through drama. Through our sessions, we hope to help them develop vital skills, including speech, communication and presentation skills, and provide them a platform to showcase their talents. 

Program Sponsors

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