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Will You Drama with Me?

Act for a Change.

We plan to raise awareness towards underprivileged children, ethnic minority children in particular, and connect them with us through drama. Through our sessions, we hope to help them develop vital skills, including speech, communication and presentation skills, and provide them a platform to showcase their talents. We hope to share kindness and express our care for them through fun and interactive activities during our eventful program!


According to the 2016 report on poverty among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, the poverty rate among South Asian children (29.1%) is double that of all children in Hong Kong (i.e. 15.3%).


According to LegCo, there were 202 racial discrimination complaints filed in 2016 and altogether 327 complaints filed in 2020. 43% of the complaints in 2020 were based on the provision of goods, services, and facilities while 34% were employment related.


Since many South Asian children have a limited grasp of Chinese, their career options as adults are often limited to ‘3D’ jobs, i.e. dirty, dangerous and demeaning jobs; these are often low-paying jobs too. As such, this fuels intergenerational poverty. (Source: Oxfam Hong Kong)

Our Project:

Our program centres around drama, where we plan to incorporate creative and interactive activities and events to provide a safe environment for the children to all express themselves and to interact with other people from similar communities. Through guidance from drama-trained teachers, we hope to cultivate our audience’s growth in many aspects of their lives, whether it is communication, interpersonal skills, and confidence. We hope to raise awareness and to bring about meaningful change towards ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

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Get involved:

There are 3 ways you could help support us: volunteering (join us at our event in May), donating to our cause, or spreading the message and supporting organisations that share similar aims. To know more about our service project, you can find out more through our Instagram page!

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