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Walk with Elderly

It is never too old to learn.

Many elderly persons who live alone have trouble getting around due to the deterioration of their body functions. Most of the time, all they can do is to stay home, which makes their lives meaningless and tame. We hope that through our program, we can encourage an increase in social interaction amongst the elderly so that their lives will improve with more contact with the outside world. 

1. Elderly persons living alone often feel lonely and unfulfilled.

2. Elderly persons have different skills, but these skills are often not used after retirement.

3. Elderly persons need more care and communication.

Our Project:

We are developing a diversified platform for elderly persons, to allow them to display their own unique skills. Additionally, it can also provide them with entertainment. There will be videos and books on elderly persons displaying their skills published on our platform 

Get involved:

You can help by promoting the platform to elderly persons around you, or by shooting and uploading videos onto the web page.

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