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We want a plastic bag free utopian world made by US!

The primary aim of this project is to reduce the use of single-use plastics. We recognised that one of the places where we absentmindedly consume the most plastic are in the clothing chains and retail stores. Therefore, we aim to reduce the need for plastic bags in clothes and retail store chains around Hong Kong.


An average of around 

793 tonnes

of plastic bags are disposed of

in Hong Kong every single day.


Humans eat the equivalent of a heaping dinner plate's worth of shredded plastic, the equivalent of

250 grams.


Every minute, the world consumes over 1 million plastic bags and 28 million plastic bottles.

Our Project:

Utopia - a plastic-free world. Utopia would like to reduce single-use plastics in clothes and retail store chains because plastic bags are broadly used for customers to keep clothes or items after they have purchased. We will collect waste fabrics from sewing factories in Hong Kong and will recycle them into bags designed by ourselves. We will be collaborating with schools and retail stores to sell our bags.

Get involved:


Thank you for paying attention to Utopia. We are an environmentally friendly group that needs your help! You can help save the environment by supporting us, follow our Instagram @utopiastc for further updates about our project. Link here.

Currently, we do not need any volunteers (that doesn't mean we won't need volunteers forever), but it would be great in the future if you could try to use the bags we have created when purchasing items from clothing and retail stores. Watch out for further notices about the companies the cloth bags will be provided.


One last thing you can do is to donate to us via Charitable Choice. After a transaction fee is taken (<5%), 20% of the total donation amount will be used to fund future Act!on For A Cause groups whilst the rest will be distributed by Kids4kids back to us! Please consider supporting us as we are three secondary school students from Y8 and Y12, we will be very grateful for your kind donation.

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