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Life: Learn, Include, Feel

Our aim is to bridge the gap between locals and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and hopefully have a future in which all the people who believe in Hong Kong as their home be referred to as Hong Kongers. The issue we want to address would be discrimination, but not specifically focusing on one side. We would like to shed light on both sides of the issue, how both sides can affect and discriminate against each other in different situations like basketball courts, shopping malls and schools.


According to studies, Hong Kong’s population consists of more than 7 million people (world bank) ,which are made up of 584 383 ethnic minorities in 2016, accounting for around 8% of the Hong Kong population (by-census in 2016.)


Though there is an anti-discrimination law in Hong Kong made to protect ethnic minorities called the Race Discrimination Ordinance, enacted in July 2008 its effectiveness in illiminating discrimination is debated as discrimination still prevales in diffrent societies such as schools, work, etc.


The ethnic minorites in Hong Kong are made up of Filipinos (accounting for 31.5% of all ethnic minorities in Hong Kong), followed by Indonesians (26.2%). Other major ethnic groups were South Asians (14.5%), Mixed (11.2%) and Whites (10.0%)

Our Project:

Under the current situation it is hard to carry out the physical/ f2f activities we had planned at the very start such as the idea of fundraising through holding performances and booths for people. Instead currently we shifted our focus on promoting on social media and carry out the podcast idea. Essentially we invite guests over to share their experiences regarding any racial discrimination etc, along with it the whole podcast will be animated by the team, this will be carried out in Feb 21 and last as long as possible.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Get involved:

For volunteers interested in taking part of the action of uniLIFE they will have to read through different posts in instagram that provides important information such as our goal as a team, our overall plans and workflow before making the decision to work with us in the upcoming journey since we believe that understanding exactly what we do is very crucial in ensuring we are just the right/suitable team to work alongside with. Volunteers should also be able to approach us personally via email/direct message to let us know if they are interested in being part of the team! There are different ways to support our project such as simply sharing it with other people no matter if it’s reposting our instagram posts or physically sharing our team to others is already a great support for us.

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