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Translate for good.

As multilingual students, we've come across many instances of miscommunication or a lack of bilingualism in various sectors in the city, especially for the two official languages of Hong Kong - English and Chinese. Our aim is to build an online platform to connect those in need of translations with translators.


Chinese and English are both official languages of Hong Kong and is an internationally recognized bilingual city.


However, according to the 2019 census conducted by the Hong Kong Government, 32.2% of surveyed citizens identified their competence in written English as "not so good" or "no knowledge", and 5.6% identified their competence in written Chinese as "not so good" or "no knowledge".


Although these are radically different numbers, this is a clear issue that must be tackled from both spectrums and perspectives, with translation being a crucial process that can bridge these differences.

Our Project:

Our group project is largely focused on the construction of a website that can connect people who are bilingual, but not professional translators and enable them to volunteer with charity organisations. The website will act almost as a job listings board, where charity organisations can post requests for translations. Language is an integral part of society, and with this project, we hope to bridge these differences, tackling the issue from both spectrums, ultimately enabling effective communication and forging a diverse and inclusive society in Hong Kong.

Get involved:

Supporting Translate! is easy - anyone can join as long as you are proficient in both written English and Chinese! If you're a volunteer, simply head to our website, navigate to "I'm a Volunteer" and find a job opportunity suitable for you. If you're a beneficiary hoping to receive translations, navigate to "I'm a Charity" and post a job opportunity for others to see.


In order to ensure the quality of our translations, all our volunteers will be asked to translate a sample text before submitting their final work. Help us spread our cause and support our translation community! (Restrictions: You must be a current student in Hong Kong) You can also donate to our project by using our Charitable Choice link hereAfter a transaction fee is taken (<5%), 20% of the total donation amount will be used to fund future Act!on For A Cause groups whilst the rest will be distributed by Kids4kids back to us!

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