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Together We Can

Being the light we want to see in the kids

Spend a few hours with primary aged-children and you will see their bunches of questions on "why is the sky blue" or "why is the paper white" and so on. Communication, preserverance ,organization are skills a human needs in their life and so does science to discover and invent things,so why not we start helping a child from an early stage by incorporating science to practice these traits in their life in a cross-cultural manner? It is believed that children start their interests in STEM identities and career in an earlier stage than people think, which eventually leads to directly influence their interests later in life. However, according to a poll by NPR , almost a full quarter of parents believes that school doesn't emphasizes science enough, something which is easily ignored.


Kids are choosing to quit science because they don't think they are smart


76% children are not learning outside of school


Low-income students repeat grades at a rate of 28.8 percent compared to 14.1 percent of higher income families which shows they are not learning efficiently like their peers

Our Project

I am going to provide workshops for low-resource kids where I will help them to enhance their knowledge about scientific theories and discoveries along with providing them 1-1 help in their school work like English to help them in the best way possible. Additionally, I plan to expand this project by creating an online shop where I will sell products to people at a cheaper price to run these workshops every week and donate the rest of the profits to UNICEF to reach a broader group of children.

School Supply

Get involved:

This is a project started by someone who wants to walk beside children in their journey of discovering the world. Science is something I love because it is where if you ask a question, more will sprout from that until you reach an answer. We are the people who will make history, change the lives of others and become those intelligent scientist one day. But it all starts from within, from you, from us and I hope you will step up and take the step in changing the world by helping the children to enhance their scientific knowledge and let them ask questions. As Einstein said, " The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”


So how can you help? We are looking for some dedicated students who are willing to volunteer for helping the children in their weakest subjects, mainly English. However, depending on the subjects they need the most, we will try to adapt accordingly. For example if someone needs help in Math mainly and not English, we will help him/her in Math specifically as we want to help them in the best way possible. You won't only increase your leadership skills but also confidence, management skills and most importantly have fun in a friendly environment!


Secondly, you can take the role of making lesson plans with me and share your scientific knowledge with the kids. We are going to start our workshops with sharing easy scientific things to them and as a team we are going to try to answer their questions and have fun in learning new things from them as well!


Thirdly, we are still working on it but just to give you a heads up, you can take a lead role in marketing the items and overseeing the social media accounts but more details coming soon!


Don't worry, if you are interested in any of the roles , you will get more details in depth on how things are going to work and I will make sure you are confident with it and help you throughout. I cannot wait to hear from you and have you in our team because I know together we can and will make a change! 

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