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The Living Sea

Using the power of media and storytelling to protect the ocean.

I aim to raise awareness about the uniqueness and value of Hong Kong corals, the need to start taking care of corals, and how we can do this in our everyday life.

We are the only planet with oceans and they are indispensable for our survival.

Oceans are also the home of vibrant and diverse marine animal life. Coral reefs are the most vibrant underwater habitats.

Symptoms of PTSD and depression appear to be disproportionately affecting the young

Our Project

Hong Kong has more than 80 different coral species. However, many people are unaware of the importance of corals and how to protect them. Because of human activities, pollution, and climate change, corals are dying. With my project, I aim to raise awareness about the need to start taking care of corals. For that purpose, I will produce a documentary film including: 1) interviews with experts, and 2) underwater action research showing the corals in Hong Kong. This will be a movie produced by a kid and will be done in a way that is interesting for kids. The finished film will be screened in various Hong Kong primary schools accompanied with a workshop to help the students understand the importance and beauty of corals even deeper. The documentary film and workshops will help develop an appreciation for corals, but also all living beings in the ocean.


Get involved:

If you are interested in film making and protecting the ocean, this is a unique opportunity to get involved in a documentary film project directed by a young changemaker. You will have an opportunity to use and improve your skills in film-making, editing, and promotion, and use the power of media and storytelling to help save marine life.


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