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The Little Sandcastle

Say no to single use.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill + sea. Therefore, the issue we will be addressing is the lack of global awareness surrounding correct recycling protocols and ways to reuse unwanted items.


In Hong Kong, plastic bags cannot be recycled in most curb-side bins and must be processed at a special plant. If discarded in an incorrect location, they will be incinerated/sent to landfill


Plastic bags + other waste contain tiny microplastics, which, if ingested by marine life can bioaccumulate and cause harm to humans upon our consumption.


It is important to remember that reducing is the best course of action, followed by reusing, then recycling. This is because the recycling process in itself is polluting, and the workers are exposed to poor working conditions. We should primarily advocate for the reduction of waste.

Our Project:

Our group makes (predominantly) plastic products and sells them in various handcrafts stalls to raise money for Plastic Free Seas. We also value advocacy. Videos are uploaded online to teach others how to make similar products eg. coasters, trays, decorative items. Workshops with younger students are held where they are taught about the waste-disposal cycle, and how we as a community can prevent it.

17 little sandcastle - Isabelle CHIOU [12N23].jpeg

Get involved:

Potential volunteers can help with filming, photography and design. They can also help us with our community outreach programs. We would highly appreciate other small funds from potential beneficiaries to cover additional travel costs, stall costs etc.


Visit our Instagram here!

Project Sponsor:

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