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YE Teams

The YE teams are part of the Kids4Kids Youth Development Program under the Young Entrepreneurs initiative. These teams have been selected for Young Entrepreneurs 2020-2021 based on criteria including innovation, creativity, sustainability and whether the solutions answer the needs of the community.  Feel free to click on the 'Learn More' button to find out how you can help out with the projects. You can also follow along their journey by checking out the YE Journal section for behind-the-scenes perspectives.


Meet the Teams


Art Fun



Artistree will go to different districts in Hong Kong and get young people to express their emotions freely through engaging in an art & craft and gardening experience.

Healthy Food

Eat healthy! 健康吃起来


Eat healthy promotes the importance of healthy eating diet in school by displaying healthy eating information on the exhibition board, organizing a cooking class for interested parents and students, and contacting different restaurants selling healthy food to see if they can provide free meals for the students in school.

Support Group

Glow In The Dark

Reduce Inequality

Glow In The Dark is a project that raises awareness about sexual harassment through creating a website and making glowing hand bands.

Image by You X Ventures

ISSIA Magazine

Reduce Inequality

ISSIA Magazine is a student-led initiative that aims to provide a large-scale multimedia platform and collaborative safe space for students to explore various social issues outside of the classroom.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

Magical Moments


#Magical Moments strives to spread love and happiness to the elderly, provide underprivileged seniors with necessities of survival and provide them with a safer, cleaner and healthier lifestyle through the distribution of boxes, while at the same time make a couple of the elderly's wishes come true.

Kneedles and Yarn

One Stitch One Heart


The One Stitch One Heart project team will be holding weekly knitting sessions at elderly centers around Hong Kong.


Seeds 4 Change


Seeds 4 Change is a student-led organization that aims to improve the mental wellbeing of students through hosting fun and informative events.

Kids in Preschool

Together we can

Poverty & Education

Together We Can improves mental wellbeing of low-resource kids by providing workshops for kids to develop their English skills, show their talents and enhance their knowledge about scientific theories and discoveries.

Crowd with Masks

Colour Away Covid


Colour Away Covid is a student led initiative that aims to tackle the "Well being and health" problems that have arised from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Educational Toys


Poverty & Education

Edquity pairs low resource primary school student (mentee) with a secondary school student (mentor) for 2 months, setting a goal (not necessarily academic related). During the program, mentees and mentors will be invited to reflect about the education system in place in Hong Kong, bringing their different views and experiences, and offering solutions.

Math Formulas

Integral Magazine

Poverty & Education

Integral Magazine is an online platform that aims to make Maths accessible through articles, problem-solving columns, online lectures and hands-on lessons.

Trash on Beach

Lamma Community Composting


Lamma Community Compositing will target the residents and restaurant owners from Lamma Island to use the compost bins for their bio waste.

Picking Up Trash

Mining for Charity


Mining for Charity will allow students to find suitable charities and organizations, based on their interest, by creating an online system.

Beach Meditation



PSYCHE seeks to raise money and awareness for mental health issues through a series of mindfulness tutorials and sharing sessions of students’ experiences/stories.

Sports Shoes

Sports For Youth


Sports For Youth helps to improve physical fitness and social skills in underprivileged children, in a fun, energetic environment, through physical activities and sport.

Recording Microphone


Reduce Inequality

YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!! helps domestic helpers to fully express their views and opinions toward social matters, political affairs and community issues through workshops, site seeing, debates, discussions, reflections, games and many other activities.

Recycling Bottles

cREate 「造 」


cREate will use all recyclable materials in the school and convert them to something useful and meaningful for use in the school by students.

Colorful Erasers

Education for All

Poverty & Education

Education for All provides courses to low-resource children by teaching them different skills that can help with their daily life, for example, knitting, sewing and handiworks, and digital skills for primary kids to help lessen the digital divide.

Digital social media

Surf Smart


Surf Smart is a project that raises awareness on internet safety amongst teenagers and young-adults through interactive talks and videos.

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Lives Without Knives


Lives without Knives raises awareness about the positive effects of reducing meat consumption while providing the route to a simple, sustainable, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Organic Compost

Not Just Dirt


Not Just Dirt promotes awareness of composting and its benefits to the Hong Kong community.

Hong Kong Skyline

Respect Your Value

Reduce Inequality

Respect Your Value assists in helping a deeper understanding of gender and gender roles within the minority communities in Hong Kong.

Coral Reef Island

The Living Sea


The Living Sea raises awareness about the need to start taking care of corals by producing a documentary film including 1) interviews with experts, and 2) underwater action research showing the corals in Hong Kong.

Program Sponsors

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