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AFAC Teams

The AFAC teams are part of the Kids4Kids Youth Development Program under the Act!on For A Cause initiative. These teams have been selected for Act!on For A Cause 2019-2020 based on criteria including innovation, creativity, sustainability and whether the solutions answer the needs of the community.  Feel free to click on the 'Learn More' button to find out how you can help out with the projects. You can also follow along their journey by checking out the AFAC Journal section for behind-the-scenes perspectives.


Meet the Teams

2019 - 2020

team photo - Bailey Cherry.jpg



Through providing all-year round book donation opportunities that are fast and convenient, reBooked is sharing the joy of reading to all kids in Hong Kong. All collected second-hand books are sorted and uploaded to our website for resale, so parents and kids can buy a large variety of titles at affordable prices.

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The Puppy Project

Mental Well-Being & Health

The team will be taking children from orphanages to local dog shelters to interact and play with the dogs under careful supervision. The children will also be making simple, creative dog toys to help support the dog shelters.

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To combat the wasteful fast-fashion trend, the team will organize a fashion show focusing on sustainable clothing and design. This will provide a platform for youth to exhibit works they’ve designed and produced themselves, focusing on the importance of using sustainable methods.

14 Elderly Sport.jpeg

Elderly Sports Integral System  

Mental Well-Being & Health

Mental Well-Being & Health
We will be conducting physical activity sessions with the elderly. We hope that through this, they will have opportunities to bond with other elderlies and learn simple workouts they can do by themselves. There will also be a scoring system that allows the elderly to redeem goods, thus encouraging more participation.

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Happy School Happy Life

Mental Well-Being & Health

The Happy School Happy Life team will be distributing a mental health questionnaire electronically to their fellow classmates, and then organize a tea party activity for students to discuss the topic of emotional management in their school.

9 Chineasy.jpeg


Tackling Poverty through Education

The aim of this project  is to build an interesting, sustainable Chinese curriculum for local ethnic minorities. Chineasy will collaborate with “C-for-Chinese@JC”  at Jockey Club for curriculum-writing as well as the provision of small scale Chinese-tutorials to kindergarten kids in order to better cultivate their interests towards Chinese.


I Read, U Listen

Tackling Poverty through Education

Many local primary school kids may have difficulty pronouncing English words and phrases properly. With the help from native English speakers, the team will convert popular English storybooks into audiobooks and store them in MP3 players available for younger kids to listen.

26a2cbde-8b18-4d03-b18d-2b19dab4d358 - W

Bridge Refugees

Social Justice

This project is composed of three parts: outreach, inform and share. A potluck dinner will be organized to connect locals with refugees. Then, a “survival guide” will be created and distributed to newly arrived refugee families. The experience will also be shared to schools in order to raise awareness surrounding the lives and challenges facing refugees.

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ShowCARsE will be providing a platform where talented youths can perform to others in various charitable occasions. The team will be coordinating choreography for the performance in the Kids4Kids Gala Dinner 2020 opening.

4 BamPads.jpeg


Tackling Poverty through Education

In contrast to regular, disposable sanitary pads, reusable pads cause less harm to the environment. This project aims to raise the public awareness on menstruation hygiene through distributing the pads to the poor and holding educational talks.


One Stitch One Heart

Mental Well-Being & Health

Through conducting weekly knitting sessions, One Stitch One Heart aims to alleviate the issue of loneliness in the elderly, improving their mental well-being and building a friendship with them through the process. The team will start by working in the local Tai Wai community and later moving on to other elderly centres.

27 Translate.jpeg



The goal of this project is to create a website that can connect bilingual people who are not professional translators and are looking to volunteer with charity organisations. The website will act similar to a job listings board, where charities can post requests for translations.

20 Speech Up.jpeg

Speech Up

Tackling Poverty through Education

Speech Up is a public speaking program aiming to improve local students’ public speaking ability. The team will hold sessions that target students’ writing and speaking skills, using fun methods to help them improve. The team will also regularly celebrate students’ achievements to help boost their confidence.

29 Walk with the Elderly.jpeg

Walk with Elderly

Mental Well-Being & Health

Walk with the Elderly will create an online platform that allows senior citizens to share their stories via films. Outreach volunteers will help record the video and through this project, the team establish a network for the elderly to share, exchange and add color to their everyday lives.

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Lives without Knives


The team will create a blog and social media page to promote a vegetarian lifestyle, and its benefits to our environment, animals, mental and physical wellbeing. An event will also be organized to raise awareness on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

24 STEMina.jfif


Tackling Poverty through Education

The team will organize free tutorials that focus on STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and maths) for students with special needs, bridging the divide between mainstream & Special Educational Needs (SEN) students.

16 Flip It.jpeg

Flip It!


Flip It! will be taking thrifted clothing to underprivileged children, letting them decorate it and personalise it for themselves. We hope that through the process, we can bring happiness to children’s lives and also raise awareness surrounding sustainability, encouraging more children to participate in activities that benefit the environment.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 10.46.24

United Ohana

Tackling Poverty through Education

The team will help pair up bedridden children with chronic diseases to a buddy with whom they can have face-to-face interactions. Through these interactions, they will have the opportunity to learn from each other about different cultures around the world and improve their learning experiences.

5 Kitsch.jpeg


Tackling Poverty through Education

Kitsch! is a monthly program which lets underprivileged children of all ages partake in art and crafts sessions with guidance from art students. It aims to help kids find a mental escape from stress, as well as allowing them to express themselves freely, or simply to have fun.


Smart Technology for                Senior Adults

Mental Well-Being & Health

With the help of teenage-volunteers, the team will launch tutorials for senior citizens on how to use digital applications such as Facebook and browsers to better bridge the gap between the youth and the elderly. A platform on Facebook will be launched where the elderly can receive updated information. The final goal is that the elderlies will also become volunteers who will help others at a later stage.

Utopia Group photo (Only one) - Fei Wong

Utopia (Cloth Bags)


A plastic levy shopping bag scheme may not be the best way to address wasteful behaviour in the metropolis. The solution offered by Utopia is to create cloth bags placed at bag sharing shelves in supermarkets, made from fabric collected from schools.

13 eJourney.jpeg


Tackling Poverty through Education

eJourney believes students should be provided with a platform where they can compile their personal and academic ups and downs to reflect on their learning journeys. The team will help build a digital portfolio, where students can easily access and record their natural talents and inclinations.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-21 at



To promote effective use of clothes and benefit asylum seekers, TexCycle will collect unsold clothes to deliver to organisations that cater to refugees such as the Christian Action Centre every two or three months.

11 Creative Minds.jpeg

Creative Minds

Tackling Poverty through Education

Creative art workshops will be held on a weekly basis for students between the ages of 9 and 11. Through the workshops, the creative abilities of the next generation will be honed. Different methods of creative expressions and aspects of the arts will be explored through cultural activities.

12 EcoPlastics.jpeg



Targeting restaurants and franchises, EcoPlastics aims to persuade businesses to reduce their use of disposable plastic items through regular contacts. Regular beach clean-ups, as well as campaigns selling metal straws will also be held by the team to help alleviate the issue of plastic pollution.

21 Core.jpeg

Project CORE

Social Justice

By hosting a ‘Festival Fair’, the team aims at deepening the understanding between local citizens and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Through the event, the team hope to educate people about different cultures, eliminating discrimination and building a community with harmony.

Program Sponsor

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