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Surf Smart

Don’t get caught in the web!

While the internet is a necessity in our daily lives, there is always a risk when it comes to private information and property associated with the internet. Our aim is to educate both the young and older generation on personal online safety, namely the many hazards on the internet. Whether it be detecting a scam, exposing a potential online predator or dealing with cyberbullying, we want to make sure our beneficiaries can surf the internet in a smart, safe way.


Cyberbullying targets many children and adolescents, and has been shown to have a direct correlation with mental health and self-esteem related issues.


In the first half of 2020 alone, scammers conned over 185 million HKD from over 500 people, most victims being of the older generation.


There has been an alarming rise in online predators who harass minors into doing things against their own will.

Our Project:

We want to make information on internet safety widely accessible to those of all age groups. We will do this by hosting interactive sessions, producing animated videos, promotional posters and getting the word across on social media.


Get involved:

As we are only a small team of people, we highly encourage volunteers who could help us in the production and research of our posters, videos etc. You can message us on instagram or contact us via our email: The same goes for our beneficiaries or anyone seeking help internet-wise!


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