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Sports for Youth

Providing an active, lively space for every child

The primary aim of this project is to promote and improve the general level of fitness within the youth community. Not even half of the children in Hong Kong are reaching an adequate level of exercise according to a recent government survey, so we hope to directly combat this issue and truly make a difference. Other benefits our program hopes to bestow are communication skills, language skills, and overall happiness and engagement.


Over 90% of students and youth in Hong Kong do not partake in sufficient physical activities


Only approximately 40% of the youth population in Hong Kong are achieving the bare minimum of physical activity


Only one-third of Hong Kong's kids participate in physical activities with their families at least once a week

Our Project

We are going to provide sessions for young children where they can experience a wide variety of sports, such as handball, field hockey, and lacrosse, which are not commonly taught in Hong Kong. We want to act on the issue of children’s lack of exercise and fitness by playing games and engaging in bi-weekly activities, whilst also allowing them to build relationships with children their age. We are also planning on taking action to improve their confidence in speaking English by explaining rules and games to them, whether that is through entertaining videos or in-person sessions.

Pitcher's Mound

Get involved:

You can get directly involved by joining our sessions with the children! Everyone is welcome to volunteer, but people proficient in Cantonese are especially needed. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at You could also help us by raising awareness and spreading our message! Follow our instagram page to learn more about us and our project!


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