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Smart Technology

Let's make a change by connecting our senior adults to the world!

for Senior Adults

We aim to improve the mental health of senior adults, especially those who live alone, by connecting them with society. Through sessions teaching them how to use social media and browsers, they would be able to find information and get in touch with friends & relatives any time, anywhere. We hope to fight social isolation of senior adults with our project.


In 2016, more than

15% of senior

adults aged over 65 live alone.


More than 1 in 10 senior adults in HK display symptoms of depression.


Elderly who

join group activities

are generally

less likely to suffer from depression.

Our Project:

A variety of Smart technology courses, each with specific topics like WhatsApp, Browsers & Facebook will be held in a community centre in Tuen Mun. Senior adults will be put into small groups according to their ability so they can learn effectively under the assistance of volunteers. We also hope that the senior adults can share what they learnt with others after participating in our courses. That's why we will hold a connection event at the end of our project so senior adults who join different courses can meet one another and learn about how to help friends with their new skills.

Get involved:


Become a volunteer now! You can improve your communication skills, understand the needs of senior adults and more importantly, make a change by connecting them to the world! Click on the link here to register and learn more about the details of our next session!


Advocate for our cause! Please also follow our Instagram here - if you can give us a shoutout that'd be great too! We are always trying to reach more people and help more elderlies.

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