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Dreams can come true if you ask them to.

The aim of our project is to encourage teenagers around Hong Kong to share their talent and provide an opportunity for them to perform their talent. The issue we would like to address is the "lack of confidence" amongst teenagers nowadays. We hope our project can increase the confidence of youths and guide them through the hardest first step of finding their own stage.


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Researchers from City University found that around one-third of teenagers (aged 10-14) in Hong Kong are potentially suicidal. Other problems youths might face include a lack of self-confidence and also fear of reaching out for help. There is also a lot of pressure on education for youths in Hong Kong and often, they cannot focus on what they want to pursue or follow their dreams.

Our Project

Our project is a platform for youths to showcase their talents. After auditioning, practicing and rehearsing with other teenagers around Hong Kong, they will perform all their hard work on stage. A performance will be held at the Kids4Kids gala dinner.

Music Band Performance

Get involved:

Feel free to contact me (Maggie Ching) through if you're interested in performing or helping with stage set-up for all our talented youth!

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