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We are not defined by our achievements, but by who we are.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the deteriorating mental wellbeing within secondary students in Hong Kong, and provide solutions to destress through hosting events.


Suicide rates in Hong Kong have doubled between 2014-2017


Over 40% of students are highly stressed


Symptoms of PTSD and depression appear to be disproportionately affecting the young

Our Project

We want to connect with students directly through our events, allowing them to form meaningful connections with one another and create stable support networks. Every year, we aim to host at least three amazing events to support students. Some of our signature events include Laughs and Lemonade, Dandy Candy, and Stress Less Week. This year, while we are restricted due to COVID , we still hope to run exciting and meaningful online events! With Kids4Kids, we are looking to bring our events to the rest of Hong Kong as well, bringing these replicable events to other schools too!

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Get involved:

Due to COVID, at the moment we are not hosting any events which require volunteers. You can still support us, however, by joining us at some of our amazing upcoming online events! Feel free to contact us through our Instagram page if you are looking for any collaborations or would like more information though!


Visit our Instagram here!

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