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You can find all the previous Act!on For A Cause teams that decided to focus on issues related to social justice here! Read about their projects for change and find inspiration to start your own project around social justice.

Reduce Inequality


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SENsor aims to achieve quality education, reduce inequalities, peace, justice and strong institutions, according to the global goals for sustainable development. Creating a series of apps for people with Special Educational Needs “SEN” to enable them to lead better lives. The apps are also designed to increase awareness and promote social harmony. They are helping more SEN students by utilizing innovative ideas and technological methods. Together, the team designed an app with games, a chat room, a quiz, etc. In total, 30 volunteers from the association for ADHD were able to try out the app.

App Screens

Team members: Chan Lok Ching, Wu Zhi Qing, Chan Ho Yan Janice, Chan Hoi Ching, Lai Yik Chun (St Paul's Convent School)

Social Justice 2019

Reduce Inequality for the Deaf in Hong Kong


This project is helping to raise awareness on the lack of support for the deaf in Hong Kong. They aim to reduce the inequality situation for the deaf by achieving an understanding between the public and the deaf in Hong Kong, in order to integrate both populations. In total 10 volunteers reached out to 200 students in Pooi Kei Primary School and 23 signed up to join their sign language choir. 10 service/training sessions were held culminating in a public performance in The Forest Shopping Mall.


Team member: Alpha Ngai (Chinese International School)

Kiddy Chronicles

This project will be creating an online news forum for youth to raise awareness of social issues. Teenagers will gain knowledge of different issues such as animal welfare, education and environment, and encourage them to become more socially involved. Their aim is to provide simple, easy-to-read news for kids, allowing them to discover global issues which may be hard to read in the future.

Team members: Jeremy Zein, Ian Mo (Sha Tin College)

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Refugee Reach

Refugee Reach is a platform that educates the public about refugees in Hong Kong and provides opportunities for students to take action. Their aim is to spread awareness and provide a platform for students in Hong Kong to help these refugees.

Team members: Elvis Chan, Avantika Sengupta (German Swiss International School)


Holding Hands
Social Justice 2018

Project: Your Voice


This project will be mentoring individuals from low-resourced backgrounds in self-expression skills such as writing and public speaking.​ Their aim is to encourage the next general of advocates to fight for a brighter future through peer mentorship and guidance. They will host events at privileged schools where orphans will be encouraged, with their newfound confidence, to speak in front of the community and raise critical awareness for their cause.

Team members: Arista Lai, Edith Chow, Elliot Jinoo Hong (German Swiss International School)

Business Meeting

Hues of Harmony


Hues of Harmony is a buddy program bridging ethnic minority primary school children and local secondary students through games and cultural festivals.​ Their aim is to build mutual understanding between ethnic minority students and local school students. In total, 40 ethnic minority students benefited from interacting with students from local schools. Interaction was achieved through stories about the Chinese zodiac, and  Chinese culture. The students enjoyed the process of making artworks and learning the Chinese culture. They were very active and attentive when answering the questions about the stories of Chinese zodiacs.

Through this experience, the team has also enhanced their understanding towards their culture.

Record Fair

Team members: Verna Yiu, Tiffany Mak (St. Paul's Convent School)

Girls to Women

Girls to Women will be providing underprivileged women in Hong Kong with basic sanitary items. They make packages containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, soap, etc. and distribute them to charities in Hong Kong which support underprivileged women. 


In 2015, 1 in 6 women in Hong Kong lived below the poverty line. With the majority of their income being used to support their family, little to no money is left for their own needs. Their main aim is to support these impoverished women who are unable to buy these necessary products. One of their other aims is to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation. In Chinese culture, the topic of menstruation is seen as taboo, even though it is something that every female goes through. They hope to be able to raise awareness about the taboo and stigma that many young women growing up in traditional Chinese families may face. They want these young girls to understand that menstruation is the sign of a healthy, functioning body and that it should be admired, not shamed. Their charity is their way of raising awareness for this issue and they are working towards creating a safe space for girls and women to be able to talk about their experiences. 

Since starting ‘Girls To Women’ almost 3 years ago, They have donated hundreds of packages to Pathfinders, a charity which supports migrant women in Hong Kong. Whilst they have never been able to meet with these women, due to security reasons, Pathfinders regularly updates them about how they distribute the packages and the happy responses that they get from the women who receive the packages. They are also talking to other charities in other South-East Asian countries to expand the reach of their project. Whilst putting their packages together, they have received sponsorships and funding from many companies, such as Colgate, which has also helped them to raise awareness about this issue. Their charity was also featured in the South China Morning Post, which gave them a platform to speak about menstruation and the stigma surrounding it.


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Team members: Sanvritti Singh, Jody Cheng, Ashley Chan (German Swiss International School)



This project was created in response to the phenomenon of 14-15 year old South Asian girls in Hong Kong getting sent to their home countries for marriage, this project uses basketball and filming as a way for girls to grow in confidence and show their families they deserve a chance to stay for education in Hong Kong.

Team members: Mehreen Pari (Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School)


Playback in Perspective


This project will be using “Playback Theater” to create awareness of social issues as experienced in personal lives, and build understanding between different social groups. Their aim is to foster a mutual understanding between children of all socio-economic, cultural, and political backgrounds, encourage compassion and the ability to recognize their responsibility as a citizen to help those in need, stimulate curiosity in inquisiting social issues as well as eliminate divisions between different social misunderstandings between social groups

Team members: Shannon Yuen, Aimee Chan (Li Po Chun United World College Hong Kong)

Red Doors
Social Justice 2017



ConSulenT will be creating a mobile app that addresses the problem of nomophobia-phone addiction. This includes a focused timer and tips for better time management. Through this they will help solve the problem of nomophobia and improve phone users' time management and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Team members: Zoelle Suo, Jenny Jiang (St Paul Convent School)

Connect Hong Kong


Connect Hong Kong will be building a website that allows students and NGOs to be connected more easily, linking students’ skills and interests with NGO needs. They are closing the rift between students and NGOs through a unified platform, allowing NGOs to list their events and opportunities, while allowing students to sign in and join those events with a click of a button. The website included 20+ NGOs, all of which were screened. The project was embraced by the school with plans to roll out to other schools. The project idea was going to be sent by the student’s IBMYP coordinator to schools all across Hong Kong and Asia, and students will begin using it as soon as Sep of 2017.

Team members: Liam Fung (Chinese International School)


Help a Helper


Help a Helper will be engaging domestic helpers in Hong Kong by providing yoga mats to helpers so they can sit comfortably in public areas. Their aim is to improve the quality of leisure time for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. In total, 125 helpers received yoga mats.

Team members: Sofia van trooijen, Ruby McMaster, Emily Ridley (Discovery College)

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