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Read, Reuse, Repeat!

After looking for a way to dispose of our pre-loved children's books, we realized that book recycling programs in Hong Kong are very limited and extra effort was needed to bring them to specific locations. In addition, we found that there are very few opportunities for parents to access second-hand children’s books all year-round. We then surveyed friends and realized that many families had children’s books at home that their kids had outgrown, which they were willing to donate for free. A majority of the families we surveyed said they didn’t know where and how to donate their books. Through our research and survey, we saw the need to address the issue of sustainability in the literacy area in Hong Kong.


where and how

People in Hong Kong do not know

to Reuse

books that their children have outgrown.


Everyone is busy, especially

working parents.

They want to donate books but don't have time to bring books to book drives, thrift stores or charity organizations.

Economic Opportunity.

Children's books can often cost a lot. Parents want to buy books but 


can be a


Our Project

reBooked is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to promote a circular economy for children’s books by providing a free and convenient service for collecting used books and an online shop for others to buy used books. Book donors contact us through our website and arrange for us to pick-up their pre-loved books. We collect, sort, and upload the books on to our online bookshop. These books are mostly sold at 75% discount off their original retail price - just enough to cover our operational costs. Since our launch in August 2019, we have collected over 6,000 books and sold over 2,000. With the help of the Hong Kong community, we are preventing books ending up on dusty shelves or even landfills!

Get involved:


Help us help the Hong Kong community become more sustainable! Promote a zero-waste lifestyle! Spread the word about reBooked among your friends. Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.

Do you have any pre-loved English children’s books? Email to arrange a time for us to pick-up your books! In return for donation you will receive store credit, which you can use when you purchase books from our website at:


We have lots of exciting plans but limited manpower. Contact us if you’re interested to help out in areas of marketing, operations, and business development. Email: Check out our Instagram here.


Since reBooked started last August, we have partnered with many other NGOs and businesses such as Kids4Kids, Bookazine, GreenQueen, TopSchools, Refugee Union and Ecoparties. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations, please get in touch!

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