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Body +ity

Big or small, we support all!

Through various ways, (eg. social media and website, e-magazines, support groups and more) our group aims to promote body positivity in Hong Kong. Our main objective is to promote the acceptance of all body types, help people of all ages to build confidence of their own bodies, and address unrealistic body standards. Instead of following the unrealistic standard, we are looking forward to a future where Hongkongers can focus on their health and well-being, and find beauty in themselves.


53% of young men and 70% of young women in Hong Kong are dissatisfied with their bodies.


Hong Kong has the second highest eating disorder cases in Asia.


Above 50% of eating disorder cases in Hong Kong occur in individuals between the ages of 16 and 25.

Our Project:

We are currently planning to promote body positivity through our Instagram page. Once we have enough audience, we will start putting together e-magazines to further spread our message. We will also like to create support groups to provide a safe environment for everyone to talk about their thoughts related to body images and mental health.

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Get involved:

There are a few ways to support our project: helping to design our social media posts, helping to start and lead a support group in your community, or helping us spread our message by advocating. You can also support us by following our Instagram page to get more information about our cause!


Visit our Instagram here!

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