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Project CORE

We are stronger together!

Project CORE aims to promote racial harmony being a part of the ethnic minority group in Hong Kong, we understand what are the struggles that everyone has to face in order to support a living here. We want to help these people by bringing the two groups of people (local Chinese and EMs) together through understanding their cultures and traditions.


55 per cent of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong said they had witnessed or experienced racism in admission to facilities, services, restaurants or shops.

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Ethnic minorities  are relegated to low-pay jobs because of lack of support in learning Chinese.

The mainstream education system has failed the majority of ethnic minority students, particularly in supporting them to learn Chinese when the language is not spoken at home.


Our Project:

To bring people together by understanding their cultures and traditions, we plan to hold a "Fair". When we are together as a family, friends, and society, Fair creates a sense of unity. Unity is the most powerful weapon to fight with any obstacle in life. Therefore we decided to hold a fair as it would create a sense of belonging, understanding and unity in the society. At our fair, we will have game booths, cultural performances, food stalls and souvenir stalls. As the social issue that we are dealing with, discrimination, starts because of lack of understanding, so our project can educate people and help people understand each other.

Dish Antenna

Get involved:

Racial discrimination begins with people not understanding each other. Although not all of us can help solve this problem, we have a voice and it is our choice to use it or not. We, project CORE, decided to use our voice to let everyone know how serious and unfair this problem is and we aim to help others raise their voice too. We will be posting future updates on our Instagram, @project_core20.

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