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Project co|LAB

Four passionate girls who create and inspire to make a difference.

We found out that underprivileged children in Hong Kong do not have enough support from their families in their studies, and they may have a lack of confidence because their language skills are behind the curve. We will help build their language skills and build their confidence towards learning by writing short stories with them, and combine all the short stories into a book to share with others.


They are suffering--their families can't support all their needs.


They have a lack of confidence.


They don't have the education they deserve.

Our Project:

Feel free to take a look at our proposal slideshow, listing all the details!

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Get involved:

We want children to feel good about themselves for a change, and bring hope into what seems like a miserable world with nothing to provide. By supporting our project, you're bringing joy into the childrens' lives, and providing them with an opportunity to learn and grow!


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