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Here’s how the #YouMatter Organisation is helping SEN families during times of COVID-19!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Team #YouMatter kicked off their project with the assembling of Covid-19 care packages aimed at families with children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities last week!

After speaking to numerous professionals in the SEN field, the YouMatter team, headed by Chloe Jazzy Lau, Aiswarya Rambhatla, Nicholas Tam, Adrian Wong and Jonty Francis, recognized the various challenges parents with SEN children face during quarantine: a lack of specialist support, few techniques to teach their children effectively, and the inability to keep their children occupied or focused while working from home. They came up with the idea of delivering educational and healthcare packages to support families and individuals with special needs or disabilities, providing much-needed PPEs to underprivileged families, along with materials to support their child's learning under quarantine.

^An image of some of the care packages that were delivered by the YouMatter Organisation.

They reached out to Faride from SENsational Consultancy and set up a partnership between the YouMatter Organisation and SENsational. In early April, their partnership won a $10,000HKD grant from a family foundation in India to fund 700+ care packages.

^Some images of the YouMatter team assembling the care packages!

Launching the delivery process in mid-May after working tirelessly for over a month of contacting suppliers, recruiting volunteers, scheduling deliveries and packing care packages at WeWork HK, the YouMatter and SENsational team worked with the Hub HK to deliver over 200 packages to residents in 7 districts and will be continuing with deliveries over the coming months in 7 other Hong Kong districts.

An image of the YouMatter Team assembling the health care packs!

Over the course of this project, Connecting with individuals and hearing their stories about their children, family members, and loved ones has allowed the YouMatter team to better connect and empathize with various families, bringing an increased depth, passion and understanding to their work. In fact, they’ve realized the importance of timely help, especially in unexpected situations such as the coronavirus pandemic. The YouMatter Organisation has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the families they’ve delivered to!


For more insights, you can follow the team on instagram here:

And view more of their projects and activities on their website here:


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