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Pave the way for gender empathy

Let gender empathy be the new NECESSITY!

This project aims to cater for the needs of females during their menstruation cycles when in school and raise awareness of the puberty problems both males and females face. The sex education talks for both gender in the same venue will help both genders to understand each others’ problems during teenagers' lives. As the puberty problems aren't talked about in detail at school, or not any specific sex educations are held, and menstruation cycle, as well as sex education, are very taboo topics. Therefore, this project also aims to make menstruation and sex education topics very open at schools, which helps both genders in understanding each others' needs. The vending machine which has sanitary products for females will help them during their menstruation cycle, and they will not feel embarrassed in school during their periods. As Gender equality, SDG Goal 5, is also achieved because through these actions, we are trying to convey the message that periods are natural process of life and debunking the culture of taboo in topics of sex education and menstruation in the society. With this, we strongly want to help the female students and cater for their needs by empowering them.


16% of girls in Hong Kong have missed school or work because they could not afford sanitary products.


The average woman menstruates for 3,000 days during her lifetime.


About 70% of students face period leakage at school

Our Project:

Through consultation with our mentor, we would not only like to provide menstrual products to students but also host workshops every twice a month to provide further knowledge about women’s hygiene and provide awareness to students.

Get involved:

We hope that trust can be created between all genders by understanding each other’s problems and unscrambling taboo topics. As we will be holding various workshops for students, they will get to be in a communicative space where they get to voice out their opinions on these issues to let others know how they are feeling. The workshops will also bring different communities together and include more backgrounds to the issues to share about. Along with it, we also want to bring joy to various members of the community, as students will get an opportunity to transform to be empathetic and will not feel disgusted when they talk about certain topics such as menstruation and sexual intercourse. We anticipate that healthier relationships with friends, family, teachers and classmates could be created as students will not be afraid to talk about sexual issues and how it affects them as a person with their close ones.


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