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Our Eczema Project

Conquering our self-perception, step by step

We aim to bring awareness to eczema and its effects on the mental health of younger eczema sufferers. Our mission is to help create a much-needed community of eczema sufferers who can provide support and advice to each other along their own skin journey.


In Hong Kong, one in five people suffers from eczema at different periods of their life.


It is the most common paediatric skin disease, affecting 30% of children in Hong Kong, and 15% worldwide.


Along with the profound effect on family life, eczema can negatively impact quality of life, causing mood and behavioral changes, poor school performance, bacterial infections, and poor sleep.

Our Project:

Our Eczema Project is planning to raise awareness within the Hong Kong community by holding a series of workshops throughout schools to engage the youth in matters related to eczema, and also building a social media presence to reach a broader audience.

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Get involved:

We welcome any help you might be willing to offer, either by signing up to be part of the team, networking us to your school for our workshops, or supporting us on our Instagram page.


Visit our Instagram here!

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