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We knit for the happiness of others.

The primary aim of this project is to help alleviate the problem of loneliness and solitude amongst the elderly. We hope that through this project, elderly citizens can enjoy our company and essentially feel as if they had a “second family”. Additionally, we also hope to spread awareness on the importance of mental well-being amongst the elderly and how the simplest activities could help alleviate feelings of loneliness. 



elderly persons in Hong Kong live in solitude.



Chronic loneliness can shorten life expectancy just as much as


In 2016, 282 elderly persons chose to end 



Our Project:

We are going to host weekly knitting sessions in the Tai Wai Community Library and the sessions are targeted towards the elderly. We plan to expand our project by working with other Elderly Care Centres.

Why? We wanted to create something where we could interact with the elderly, building a partnership with them. We realised that knitting would be the perfect project. Any elders living around the community could come and join our knitting sessions where we provide them with all the essential equipment and teaching if necessary. The central idea is for us to interact and communicate with them whilst doing the sessions and to create a welcoming environment.

Get involved:


Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, we are uncertain when our next session will be. Currently only secondary students will be accepted as volunteers. Please fill in this form to express your interest.


Contribute towards our cause! Please go to our Charitable Choice website linked here to learn more. Every bit counts! After a transaction fee is taken (<5%), 20% of the total donation amount will be used to fund future Act!on For A Cause groups whilst the rest will be distributed by Kids4kids back to us!


Help us spread our message! Let your friends and family know about us and the cause we are working towards. You can also follow us here on our Instagram, where we post our most recent updates.

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