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Ocean Youth Eco International Film Festival

Young filmmakers being the voice for the ocean and marine creatures.

With the Film Festival, we aim to raise awareness about the need to protect the ocean. Through storytelling, we aim to create empathy and films have proven to have a great effect on young people. After watching the films, young people will be more motivated to take action to protect the ocean.

In recent years we have witnessed that young people are increasingly aware of the need for environmental protection and climate action. And recently the ocean has gained increased importance.
We believe that giving them the platform of a film festival can not only raise awareness about ocean protection but also inspire more young people to express their concerns in a creative way.

Our Project:

We will organise an annual film festival in June for young filmmakers focusing on raising awareness about ocean protection. The short films (no longer than 15 minutes) will be screened online. The festival will culminate in an Awards Ceremony for the best movies, in three age categories (7-9 years, 10-14 years, and 14-18 years), as well as other special awards. The festival will be open to young filmmakers from around the world. The language of the submitted movies can be English or Chinese (or they can have subtitles in any of these two languages). Leading up to the festival we will hold at least 2 workshops on Filmmaking for Social Change, available for all Hong Kong students who apply.

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Get involved:

There are two ways to get involved in this project. You can use your organisational skills to help us organise the youth film festival. Or you can use your creativity and filmmaking skills to submit your short film on FilmFreeway!


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