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Mining for Charity

Find your perfect orgnanization!

We live in a world of IoT (Internet of Things). Everyone would agree that it is not the lack of information that confuses us but the unorganized mass of information that prevents us from effectively identifying what we want. This holds true for the world of charity. We know that there are people in need. We know that there are programs inviting us to participate in this noble cause. However, there is an absent organized platform where people can easily find what opportunities are available. Therefore, there is a strong need to provide unified platforms where people can easily access to see what needs are critical. Furthermore, this platform will categorize different types of available volunteering opportunities to enable people to share their unique talents as everyone has different preferences and skills for sharing. Therefore, I hope to create a platform that will diversify community engagement, whether through volunteering, donation, advocacy, or other contributions.


Most people often only get exposure to big NGOs


Smaller NGOs with less publicised goals are swept under the rug


Kids have struggled in the past to find NGOs that they resonate with

Our Project

Through this project, I aim to provide a platform where people can find charities, either big or small, that best match their interests and personalities. We know the virtue of charity. However, due to the lack of diversity in the offered volunteering, many students fail to gain the necessary enjoyment behind volunteering through technology and computer science. Therefore, I want to create an online system where people can mine cryptocurrencies, similar to Bitcoin, which could be used for financing different volunteering needs. To realize this idea, I will connect individual crypto wallets to the program and operate through BOINC (A software that uses your computer to solve a variety of complex simulations that help scientists understand how some proteins work) with gridcoin (a cryptocurrency you get by helping out using BOINC) in order to generate the money. This project will be different from other existing plans as it invites people to work within cyberspace to generate revenues that could be used with partnered organizations. I believe computers' marvels should be actively involved in charity services to attract greater interest from the public and possibly guarantee monetary independence.

Computer Circuit Board

Get involved:

If you know of any lesser known NGOs please contact me!

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