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You can find all the previous Act!on For A Cause teams that decided to make a difference on mental health issues here! Read about their projects for change and find inspiration to start your own project to help improve mental wellbeing.

Mental Health


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Dramatherapy is providing a theatrical platform for secondary school students to express their feelings, solve problems, improve communication and social skills, develop positive self-esteem and body image, etc. All therapeutic. The project provides healthy and creative ways for students to release their stress and express their feelings. It gives them a temporary escape from their stressful life, helps them develop communication and social skills as well as promotes positive self-esteem and a healthy body image. The project supports safe risk taking in a non-judgemental environment and reawakens students' inner resources, potentials and resilience.


Team members: Chloe Tan, Sofia Dong, Janice Peng, Kiki Lau, Cheuk Kou Lee, Louise Zhou (Victoria Shanghai Academy)

Mental Wellbeing 2019

Speak Up


Speak Up builds confidence and self-presentation skills in underprivileged teens in HK through workshops and presentations. Their aim is to help bridge the education gap, improving their beneficiaries' future opportunities. They will build the confidence of the students, making them more assured in their self-presentation skills. They will also help students improve their english skills and make learning and speaking more enjoyable for students. In total 6 volunteers reached out to 40+ students in Kowloon Technical School to help the students there with their TSA English speaking preparation. 4 sessions were held benefitting 8.


Team members: Fontaine Gibbs, Valerie Ang, Jenna Hong, Ronny Chan (German Swiss International School)


Team Kitsch! launched a monthly program that allowed underprivileged children in HK to create art with guidance from art students. They aim to promote creativity, individuality and self-expression through art, through painting, designing, crafting or sketching. Through the project they will will provide a healthy way to relieve stress in young people and also allow more children to find a way to escape from their everyday lives, giving them the opportunity to create and just have fun. In total, there were 8 beneficiaries and 9 hours of service were completed. 6 sessions were held where children were enthusiastic and cooperative. Many children started off with hesitant attitudes towards art and their own creative skills, but all of them left our final session with newly developed self confidence and smiles on their faces.


Team members: Jasmine Shek Pui Yu, Alison Tam, Natalie Smith (German Swiss International School)

​多點愛 (Numerous Care Support)

They organised a photo-taking session and an exhibition for non-Cantonese Speaking students. The exhibition will display postcards of the photos and 30-second inner-voice recordings of the students who made them. Their aim was to let non-Chinese speaking students express their difficulties in living in Hong Kong. Their project raises awareness on the pressure of non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong as well as provides encouragement to non-Chinese speakers, helping improve the ability of the team members and encouraging them to break through and strengthen self-confidence. There were 3 beneficiaries over 5 sessions. non-Chinese speakers were able to increase their understanding of Chinese through the activities, and they also received lots of encouragement from citizens.


pasted image 0.png

Team members: 鄧瑋升, 陳子健, 伍思平, 姚嘉琪 (循道衛理楊震社會服務處何文田青少年綜合發展中心)




Project Emoti-art aims to foster creativity in children from low-resourced communities by helping them to appreciate self-expression, and communicate with their surroundings through art. The project aims to build up a deeper sense of appreciation surrounding the importance of self-expression whilst promoting therapeutic art as a method of relieving stress. They will raise awareness surrounding depression in teenagers and children and encourage children to use art as a way to engage and communicate with their surroundings. 17 beneficiaries from 5 sessions were able to enjoy therapeutic sessions. Many were happy to not have to think about school work.

Team members: Grace Zheng, Sara Postacchini, Celina Shin, Yanisha Chung (Island School)

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.46.24 AM.png

Knitting for a Cause


Knitting for a Cause will set up knitting workshops for HK students, to make simple items which will benefit unprotected migrant mothers and babies who are supported by PathFinders HK. Meanwhile, the knitting volunteers will enjoy an activity which helps to alleviate stress. They aim to utilize knitting to benefit others in Hong Kong’s community, specifically, the unprotected migrant mothers and babies who are supported by PathFinders Hk. It will utilize knitting to improve well-being and mental health. In total they delivered 11 sessions (total: 6+ hours) to 11 students.

Team member: Natasha Mather (Island School)

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 4.41.57 PM.png

Parent Observatory

This team will collect personal stories about academic pressure on students and collate and compile them into a book. The books will be handed out to parents to raise awareness and to help improve parent-child relationships. The project aims to raise awareness about mental health and specifically, academic pressure towards parents whilst providing students with knowledge on how to cope with stress.

Team member: Ulyssa Fung (Discovery College)


Education Books Bookshelfs

Mindful Students HK


This team will be providing an online resource which can help students resolve their mental health issues on their own as well as with others. Their aim is to help Hong Kong secondary school students cope with stress whilst raising awareness of the severity and harms of stress as well as its effect on students. Through this project, they will fost an attitude of unity and encourage discussion between Hong Kong students in combating stress as a severe issue.

Team members: Maximillian Dang Hauschildt (Kiangsu Chekiang College), Chloe So (Sacred Heart Canossian School), Moksha Shah, Devine Mahtana, Sean Ma (King George V School)

Image by Lukas Blazek

Tunes for Tough Times


Creating a music application that can categorize music into different genres based on emotions. Students can then play music from a wide selection of playlists based on their emotions. This is to help alleviate stress and mental strain in Hong Kong secondary school students. Their aim is to use music to alleviate the stress and mental strain which is ever-present in the high school students of Hong Kong.

Team members: Ming Yeung Shiu (The Independent Schools Foundation Academy)

Sheet music on music stand

Seeds 4 Change


They will be hosting events to de-stress students before or after periods of intense stress, as well as strategies to remain healthy during periods of high stress such as exam week. They want to remind students that they are NOT alone and that they have a community around them in all things, and through that, support and improve the mental wellbeing of students at RCHK. In total, 20 volunteers held two note exchange/candy (candygram) events which benefitted 430 participants.


Team members: Taylor Chung, Amber Kwok, Justine Leung, Leung Cheuk-Yui (Renaissance College Hong Kong)



ConSulenT created a mobile app that addresses the problem of nomophobia-phone addiction. This includes a focused timer and tips for better time management. Through this they will help solve the problem of nomophobia and improve phone users' time management and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Team members: Zoelle Suo, Jenny Jiang (St Paul Convent School)

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 19.52.42.png



ConSulenT will be creating a mobile app that addresses the problem of nomophobia-phone addiction. This includes a focused timer and tips for better time management. Through this they will help solve the problem of nomophobia and improve phone users' time management and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Team members: Zoelle Suo, Jenny Jiang (St Paul Convent School)

The Unbreakable Promise Committee


This project is designed to raise awareness about child cancer patients and their roads to recovery and will be promoting a self-published book which follows a girl who experiences leukemia. The team will be encouraging others to read 'The Unbreakable Promise' through promotions and advertisements in order to raise awareness. The team succeeded in engaging with the relevant departments in their school and were able to promote the book and the issues covered. They raised $2808 for the Little Life Warriors Society, with $132 going towards the school parent committee.

Team members: Audrey Lau, Megan Chan (Renaissance College Hong Kong)

Mental Wellbeing 2018



This is an app-based solution providing patients and users with information on hospitals' quality of service, waiting time, distance etc. They aim to provide everyone with their personal healthcare companion and to improve overall quality of hospital experience for all users.

Team members: Tivona Yeung, Cindy Yeung, Madeline Chan (St. Paul's Convent School)


Memories Cached


This is a young adult novel project campaigning against traditional and cyber bullying in student communities. Their aim was  to publish and distribute an MG/ YA novel in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, to lead an anti-bullying campaign in the public and private schools and lastly, to sustain the anti-bullying narrative after completion of AFAC project.  More than 600 books were either sold or placed on consignment in bookstores throughout Asia. In addition to mainstream media coverage, novel has been featured in two leading Asian literary reviews. There was extensive social media coverage (IG, Twitter) as well as the launch of a dedicated website. Copies were donated to the Hong Kong Public Libraries, HKIS School and Middle School, Youth College. The novel was produced in Braille by Hong Kong Society of the Blind and the team also completed three anti-bullying presentations at HKIS and Youth College.


Team member: Cameron Su (Hong Kong International School)

Growing for a Cause


A health and environment initiative engaging long-term hospitalized children with the joys of planting and gardening - all the while using recycled materials. The aim is to improve the psychological health of hospitalized children whilst helping them develop a love of nature in those children in a fun learning environment.

Team members: Jessica Chen, Minji Kwon, Nicholas Ng (South Island School), Tyrus Yeo (Li Po Chun United World College), Barney Wong Singapore International School


Guardian Angel


Bringing hope and joy to those in need of long-term medical assistance, through weekly activities in public hospitals. The aim of their project is to provide mental support to hospital patients in hopes of leading to improvements in physical conditions. 

Team member: Venessa Lau (Chinese International School)

Mental Wellbeing 2017



ONEINCHVERTICAL will be teaching basketball to children from low-resourced backgrounds as a way to keep active, relieve stress and build teamwork. They aim to improve both the physical and mental health of students by introducing basketball as a way of relieving stress. They will expand students'  horizons to help them find an interest other than school work. In total, 375 primary school students from two local schools participated and enjoyed the 20+ sessions conducted. They improved in various basketball skills such as dribbling, lay-ups, shooting, and passing. The project kickstarted what is hoped to be active lifestyles for the future.

Team member: Jamie King, Gio Leong, Raghav Goyal, Derik Suria (Chinese International School)

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 2.25.47 PM.png



iCounselling will be bringing greater mental support to students via an online peer counselling platform as well as both offline platforms and offline mental health workshops. They will encourage students to take on active roles in alleviating mental distress. They will also promote mental wellbeing and positive thinking, as well as raise awareness of the importance of mental health.

Team member: Stephanie Wu, Siddharth Parthiban, Rishi Ashok Kumar, Seyed Ibrahim Shameel (Chinese International School)

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