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Me aND You

Neurodiversity explained.

My project aims to raise awareness for the neurodivergent group in Hong Kong so that they can be accepted and tolerated by the neurotypicals, and that misunderstandings and misconceptions about the group can be eliminated.


Around every 1 in 5 to 7 people around the world are neurodivergent.


Neurodivergent people do function; yet a lot of people think they don't.


Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist who has autism, started using the term "neurodiversity" in the late 1990s.

Our Project:

My group is primarily going to create an Instagram page, giving followers insights into what neurodiversity really is. By giving bite-size information about neurodiversity, followers can take in a little information at a time, and gradually (hopefully) know more about what neurodiversity really is.

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Get involved:

A couple ways you can help support my project: first and foremost, give my Instagram page a follow! Secondly, you can offer to volunteer for my project by sending me a DM via my Instagram page or send me an email through Last but not least, you can share my posts online to your Instagram Story, etc., or forward them to somebody else you think needs to see my content!


Visit our Instagram here!

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