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Magical Moments

Creating Magical Moments that will be remembered forever

We aspire to support the elderly in HK living in poverty as we feel as if they do not deserve to experience this much stress at their last stages of life. Some elderly don't even have homes, and some are forced to do manual labor jobs. We think this is unfair and we want to try to alleviate as much stress and loneliness the elderly has as we can.


In Hong Kong, 44.4 percent of the elderly are living under the poverty line and the amount of elderly workers increased 1.7 times over the past decade


A lot of us are unaware of the living conditions of the elderly who play a big part of running our day to day life. May that be the underpaid elderly man cleaning our public bathrooms all day, or the sleep deprived old woman with arthritis picking up cardboard for a living.


At such a tender age, they still work manual labour, dragging their bodies despite wanting a break.

Our Project:

We aim to create boxes filled with necessities and creative goods - including toilet roll, toothpaste, and masks,  and go around Hong Kong distributing these boxes to the  homeless elderly and the ones working low paid jobs.  We hope to alleviate or at least reduce the levels of pressure on elderly by providing them with support.


As a result of financial limitations, several seniors are not able to afford funding their desires. We aspire to create magical moments for them, and if we are able to help make their wishes come true we will try our best.  If we can make a podcast to share our experiences about helping HK elderly, and to spread awareness on the topic, we will try to do this.


Get involved:

For any one who is willing to volunteer and help us with the production of our boxes, please contact us on our email or dm us on our Instagram page @magicalmomentshk. It would be great to have some creative innovative students willing to support carry out the elderlies wishes coming true so please contact us as well if you have interest in organizing events and planning.


Visit our Instagram here!

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