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Lives Without Knives

Change the world with your diet.

Lives without Knives is a student-led campaign/organisation supported aiming to simplify, advocate and implement a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. The meat and dairy industry has a huge negative impact on our planet - it is actually the leading cause of climate change, future pandemics and global hunger, utilising horrible practices including mass animal cruelty and worker's exploitation. Meat consumption isn’t merely an environmental rights issue but also a human rights issue! The system through which OUR plates have meat is broken on every level. Hence, the advocacy of the power of reducing or eliminating meat consumption is essential to all, leading our organisation to empower you with the belief that YOU can change the world with YOUR diet.


51% of human-induced global warming is caused by meat/dairy production


We currently produce enough grains for 10 billion people worldwide and yet, the majority of it goes to livestock as opposed to feeding 870 million people who go to bed hungry every day


Meat consumption gives you a 500% increased risk of dying from most types of cancer, increase inflammation by 70% and increases the risk of premature death by 75%

Our Project:

We currently advocate veganism and a sustainable lifestyle through our social media platform, blog, live sessions, webinars, partnerships and podcast! You can find us on @liveswithoutknives on Instagram in which I post vegan recipes/food inspiration, short restaurant and food reviews, informative posts regarding sustainable eating, team/campaign updates, and more. And our blog can be found at where we upload articles based on veganism, sustainable eating and the environment produced by our wonderful team of writers. And, this year we hope to expand to live and virtual events, fundraisers and deepen connections/collaborations with sustainability based organisations and NGOs.


Get involved:

We are looking to expand our team! If you wish to join the team as a writer, podcaster, graphic designer or live session host, fill in this form! Or, if you directly wish to be a part of the team managing and helping our projects, email us at


Visit our Instagram here!

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