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Let's Get Physical

Motivate. Inspire. Activate!

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Our project aims to improve the level of physical fitness among Hong Kong’s youngsters, especially under-resourced children. It offers them the opportunity to stay healthy and fit in a fun and educational way. We wish to develop their interest and skills so that they will carry on playing sports in the long-term through self-motivation. Other added benefits include the improvement of teamwork skills, self-confidence and English language skills.


Over 90% of Hong Kong’s primary and secondary students do not receive sufficient physical activity daily.


Physical inactivity or insufficient physical activity is a risk factor for chronic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Studies have shown that exercise leads to increased concentration, enhanced memory and improved academic performance.

Our Project

To tackle the issue of lack of exercise and fitness, we will provide fun, bi-weekly sport activities for under-resourced children under the guidance of student volunteers. We will start with fun football drills and games and expand to other sports at a later stage. Through these activities, we hope to develop their skills and interest in sports, while teaching them leadership and teamwork skills, discipline, English language skills, and improving their mental well-being, self-confidence, and happiness. We also plan on creating videos that teach fun, sport-related skills to allow children to practice and improve their skills during their free time. Additionally, we hope to organise talks by professional athletes to inspire and motivate them.

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Get involved:

Put the thoughts and talks of helping others into action and join us!

This is a great opportunity for you to lend a hand to Hong Kong’s community, widen the athletic horizons of children, and bring fun and fulfilment to them and yourself. Everyone is welcome to help, whether it be volunteering as coaches, donating to our cause, or helping to spread our message.

Schools and charitable organisations that share our goal and are looking for help are welcome to reach out to us.

Email us at or follow our Instagram page to learn more!


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