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Community Compost

Reducing food waste one household at a time

To reduce food waste and educating others on food waste habits and hopefully reducing destruction of ocean ecology.


Food waste makes up 36% of solid waste being sent to Hong Kong landfills


Decomposition of food waste is significantly worse at landfills rather than at a compost, as there is a lack of oxygen which causes a lot more carbon emissions


Hong Kong's ferries are known as some of the most polluting ferries in the world, according to Hong Kong Pollution Watch (HKPW), because they use fuel that is very high in sulphur

Our Project:

Our aim is to reduce the amounts of food waste on Lamma Island that is being sent to the Landfills. We will offer workshops to people who want to do composting so that they can start their own composting in their own homes, and we will do check ups if requested or any other sort of help they need! We will give each house hold a compost bin that they will use and supply them with tools and composting material if needed.


Get involved:

We would love to have you on our side against food waste - feel free to reach out to us via our instagram page or our Gmail! Can't wait to have you :)


Visit our Instagram here!

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