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Inquisitive Minds

Change Minds because YOU Mind

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The mission of inquisitive minds is to bridge the education gap by making online learning especially accessible to children in Hong Kong. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or socioeconomic status, can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. There will also be search filters so our users will have an optimal experience when finding specific opportunities targeted to them.


Our Primary SDG of our organization is quality education, so goal number 4. We believe that education should be a fundamental human right that everyone is born with.


However, under adverse economic situations, those in poverty are left with no choice but to give up their education path and jeopardize many opportunities along the way.


Education can support a child’s developing social, emotional, and communication skills, so access to good quality education is really crucial for poverty reduction.

Our Project

The mission of inquisitive minds is to bridge the education gap by making online learning especially accessible to children in Hong Kong. More specifically, our student mentors provide online tutoring and homework guidance weekly to underprivileged children in Hong Kong. As of July 2021, Inquisitive Minds has benefitted more than 100 children who are financially less fortunate. We have around 60 mentors that are all from prestigious both local and international schools in HK such as Diocesan Girls’ School, St Pauls’ Co-educational College, German Swiss International School, Chinese International School, and many more.

Currently, Inquisitive Minds has started respective chapters in multiple prestigious schools in HK such as CIS, Renaissance College, WIS etc. Moreover, we also collaborated with several non-profit in HK, such as the Society for Community Organisation and Caritas HK.

We have also hosted an ongoing bake sale since June 2021, and in two months time, we have raised HKD 8360, where 100% proceeds would be donated to SoCO, targeting to help the underprivileged children in HK. Moreover, we are currently hosting a series of summer courses for our kids, including an English Intensive Camp, Netball and Visual Arts Camp, as we believe that education is beyond academics and every child should have the fundamental right to good quality education.

Throughout the year, we were also featured on several online platforms. So last week we had an interview/podcast recording with Made in HK, where they interviewed us about our thoughts on education disparity and toxic tutoring. You guys could check out our episode on Made in HK’s streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple podcasts. Upcoming, during the last week of August, we’re also invited by RTHK Common Room Radio to have a social takeover and a week- interview, to share more about our accomplishments, future aspirations, and the impact we have made during the global pandemic to the general public.

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Change Minds because YOU Mind


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