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Empowering youth to make an impact.

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Impact² aims to provide a convenient method for changemakers to bring impact to their community. This platform brings together a variety of activities in one place, making it easy for changemakers to become engaged with just one click. Volunteering at NGOs or youth-led organizations, internships, leadership chances, and networking events are all things that Impact² promotes. It is quite time-consuming to search for volunteering opportunities through individual organizations. There are similar online platforms that connect people to volunteer opportunities but are not very user-friendly and often suggest activities that are not applicable to certain demographics, such as students.
We believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or socioeconomic status, can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. There will also be search filters so our users will have an optimal experience when finding specific opportunities targeted to them.


As at the end of 2019, there were at least 15,700 charities recognised by the Inland Revenue Department.


7.7% of the Hong Kong population were aged 10-19 in mid 2021.


Helping out the community can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose.

Our Project

Impact² is an online platform that connects the general public with opportunities. Impact² compiles a variety of activities into one place, allowing changemakers to get involved in a simple click. Impact² seeks to promote opportunities such as volunteering at NGOs or youth-led organizations, internship opportunities, leadership opportunities, networking events. No matter age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or socio-economic background, everyone can contribute to building a sustainable society.

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Get involved:

Whether you are an organisation looking for volunteers or a student looking for a way to help out the community, feel free to check out our platform to see how you could participate!


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