I Read,

U Listen

Audiobooks for all.

Our aim is to provide audiobooks that will help students in local public schools improve their English. Many public school students' only exposure to English is through grammar books. Not only is this dull, the grammar books do not help with the students' pronunciation.

Observations from community centres:


1. The siblings of students who study in the community centres have nothing to do while waiting for them.


2. Public school students often have limited exposure to English. The only time they ever use English is when writing their English homework.

Our Project:

Our project aims to provide audiobooks. The process will include: making the recordings, sourcing MP3 players (with earphones) as well as physical copies of the book (paper). Our two biggest challenges will be recording the storybooks, which we are doing right now, and printing the books we recorded.

Get involved:

You can contact us through: kc6406@student.cis.edu.hk. You can help by taking 15 minutes of your day to record an audiobook! Shoot us an email, and we'll send you a short storybook. Make sure to record in an area with minimal background noise. After you finish recording, please send the audio file back to us.