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Happy School

Happy Life

Happy school = happy life!

Our goal is to better understand the emotional management of our classmates, especially in regards to maintaining a good mental wellbeing. We are going to be addressing three factors in particular: learning difficulties, lack of family resources and social challenges.

Here is our plan...

Mental health plan - The plan has 2 activities in total
1. Question investigation.
  • The focus of this activity is "mental health", with the theme being "emotion management". The questionnaire will be distributed electronically to participating students online. (Google Form will be attached in addition, as well as the most popular news about emotional control currently provided and an unlimited comment will be given to the classmates)

  • Participants: 20 students from Grades 1 to 4. They will be from the same school that participated in the questionnaire survey.      

  • After the questionnaire survey is over, the results will be counted, and 2 people from each level will be selected to participate in the second activity.       

2. Tea Party. A total of 5 people from each level will be selected from the questionnaire survey to participate in this activity
  • Venue and start time: School Social Work Room 

  • Instructor: 2 of our team members (can have knowledge ranging from mental health to science popularisation)

  • In this activity, participants will start off with the topic of "emotion management", describing how their emotions may change at different times and also thinking about how they control these emotions. Then you can also talk about what some celebrities have done to help control their emotions in dire situations, as well as what lesson/deep thinking they have after the incident in order to tie back to the theme of the event. They also need to consider whether a solution is right or regretful.

  • Tea Party Activities - In order to make the students participating in the tea party more comfortable with the discussion, some snacks and drinks will be provided to the students.  

Our Project:

1. The activity will be publicized through social platforms (such as Instagram) to recruit students interested in participating in the questionnaire survey.
2. Students who took part in our questionnaire can get a hand sanitizer.
3. After the event, a report will be made. The content of the report will include the kind of experience given and reflections of the event.
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