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Glow In The Dark

We are HEAR for you

Our main aim as a team is to provide a platform to the people who have suffered from an extremely neglected issue, Sexual Harassment regardless of their gender. Our platform is designed to support and help victims not only cope with their inner thoughts but voice out their pain as well. We, Glow In The Dark, strive to raise awareness and educate people about Sexual Harassment information through the means of the internet.


Almost 1 in 10 women who work in the service industry have been sexually harassed


45% of women in Hong Kong, took no action after being sexually harassed


Sexual harassment does not require touching, it can be verbal as well

Our Project:

Our group is going to be creating a website where people who have experienced sexual harassment or even have an opinion about sexual harassment can write anything they want regarding the issue. In order to protect people's privacy, we as a group are going to create something where people can express themselves without having to reveal their identity, as we know that most people keep to themselves because of the fear of being pointed out.

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Get involved:

If anyone of you wish to bring light to this project, please follow our Instagram where we will be giving updates regarding this project.


Visit our Instagram here!

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