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Education, Vacation, FUNcation!

Our aim to provide under-privileged children opportunities to access extra-curricular activities (such as STEM) as well as allowing volunteers to develop different skills (e.g communication, leadership, teamwork, organisation). The main issues that are in theme with this project would be education and inequality (especially with less privileged local school students as they may have less access to "out of curriculum" opportunities)


In Hong Kong there are approximately 230,000 underprivileged children.


According to SCMP, only 36 per cent of Hong Kong’s teachers are confident about teaching STEM subjects – while more than 80 per cent feel facilities are insufficient to do so.


More and more employers are now looking for communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Project

Volunteers will host extra-curricular classes surrounding topics that are STEM or real-life application/issues topic focused. These topics are less taught at government schools and we hope that this reduces the disparity in education in international and local schools. We hope to not only take action but also raise advocacy towards this issue by hosting talks/events later on!

Get involved:

If interested sign up as a volunteer/beneficiary via our instagram page! For any inquiries, feel free to dm our instagram page! We appreciate every effort!


Visit our Instagram here!

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